Duette Shades

Duette Shades, often called 'Cellular' or 'Honeycomb' Shades, are constructed from 2 or more layers of pleated reinforced fabric.

Duette Cellular Shades are a hard-wearing, durable product despite their beauty coming from their soft delicate look and feel.

Not only does the cellular structure make it the most effective window furnishing for insulation, but it also makes it possible to have operating systems with no visible cords without going to the expense of motorisation.

Duette Cellular Shades are made from anti-static dust resistant fabric, meaning they are easy to keep clean and provide a healthier breathing space inside.

In an insulated house, upward of 45% of heat is lost through your windows. Thanks to funding from the New Zealand Ministry of Health, Consumer NZ could carry out an independent study to measure the effectiveness of window furnishings regarding heat retention. In the report, Cellular Shades were the most effective window furnishing for heat retention.

Duette Blinds come in Three styles with light filtering and room darkening options for all:

  • 10mm pleat

  • 20mm pleat

  • 20mm Architella

10mm pleat Duette Shades give a classical finish that can suit any property regardless of style or age. Slimline head and bottom rails direct focus on the main feature, the beauty and elegance of the fabric.

20mm pleat Duette Shades suit a more modern situation. The larger width pleat means fewer pleats are required to span the window height. As a result, when the blind is pulled up, there is a smaller, more discrete stack at the top.

20mm Architella Duette Shades have a unique cell within a cell structure, creating Three separate areas of trapped air, resulting in a higher insulation rating than gas-filled double glazing. Independent modelling has found that an average home's heating costs can be reduced by up to 42% when windows are furnished with Architella Duette Shades.

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