Evo screens & Awnings

Sleek and durable, Evo all-weather patio screens can maximise the usefulness of balconies and patios by providing protection from solar heat, wind, rain and insects. Offering a full suite of External Drop Screen systems, the Luxaflex® Evo External Screen Range offers a common, aesthetically appealing look across all products with a solution to meet every customer’s need.

Engineered and tested to handle diverse and unforgiving conditions all year round, the Evo MagnaTrack patented design provides ultra-wide spans and unparalleled strength, making it the most technologically advanced external screen available on the market.

The Evo Side Tension channel patio screen is one of our premium straight drop screens. By retaining the fabric inside the channel it essentially provides full enclosure of an outdoor area, ideal for windy applications and blocking insects from entering the area.

The Evo Cable Guide allows the screen to be positioned at any height on the drop. It provides a great contemporary aesthetic with its stainless steel cable guides and has minimal interference with your view.

The Luxaflex Evo Straight Drop Patio screen is the entry-level version of the Evo range. It provides great cover at a lower price. The product is secured to the ground either using locking bolts or a strap. If you have an opening between 2 posts you can also use the locking bolt option at any height by locking the bolts into the posts.

The Evo Pivot Arm awning is a multi-functional product that projects off the window to allow protection from the sun whilst also allowing airflow through the window. The product can also be extended to an approximate 75-degree angle that provides similar functionality to a Straight Drop Awning.