Pleated Blinds

Luxaflex Pleated Blinds are a unique type of window furnishing manufactured from a particular fabric with a metallised backing.

Pleated Blinds are a prevalent choice in Hawke's Bay due to the intensity of the sun and heat during the summer. The metalised backing offers superior insulation from the heat during sunny days by reflecting the heat rays outside.

Blind Boutique Hawke's Bay supplies pleated blinds in a variety of applications. Incline pleated blinds can be installed in skylights and conservatory ceilings. The metalised backing helps reduce the intensity of the heat from the Hawke's Bay sun. Incline Pleated Blinds can be opened and closed. The nature of the fabric means when pleated blinds are opened they stack away discretely allowing maximum light to enter when required. Cathedral Pleated Blinds are designed for windows the have sloping permutations at the top or bottom of the window. For greater light control Day/night pleated blinds have two different fabric densities. Daytime fabric filters the light while allowing visibility. Nighttime fabric is a complete blockout and allows for nighttime privacy. Top down/bottom up functions allow for the top of the blind to be lowered. An ideal solution where the is an opening section of the window that opens and closes.