Shutters offer versatility and elegance to any application. Beautifully crafted with a range of styles and finishings, Shutters from Blind Boutique Napier provide a bespoke finish that suits any interior theme.

Tilting louvres allow for complete control of light and privacy. Hinging and sliding options provide a clean open feel to a room when required.

Shutters have excellent noise and heat insulation properties by stopping air circulation and absorption of sound waves.

Blind Boutique Shutters are available in Three different louvre widths:

  • 64mm

  • 89mm

  • 114mm

64mm Louvres have a classical, more feminine appearance.

89mm Louvres, the most common size, balances a contemporary shutter while allowing increased light to enter the room.

114mm Louvres provide a unique rustic style. For darker colours or in situations where the shutter panels remain in place most of the time, the larger louvre allows significantly more light to enter the room resulting in an open feel. 

Blind Boutique supplies shutters constructed from natural wood and polysatin. While nothing beats the look and feel of natural timber, poysatin shutters are ideally suited for wet areas or require motorisation.