Te Ra Awnings

Swedish designed awnings that will outperform anything you’ve seen before, whatever the weather. Luxaflex's worldwide search for the best solutions for New Zealand conditions brings you a range of innovative heavy-duty awnings that deliver unparalleled functionality.

The Dyneema-tape connection used over the elbow joints and arm brackets on Te Ra¯ awnings is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis. Plus it’s UV, chemical and moisture resistant to provide a durable and yet lightweight material that further improves the stability and tension provided by the awning’s heavy-duty springs.

The robust retractable arms on a Te Ra¯ awning allow for maximum spans of seven metres in width and are capable of projecting up to four metres out from the building. This very generous coverage requires no posts or other structures for support (base structure allowing), thereby maximising your freedom to enjoy the cover provided and ensuring that the awning presents a clearer visual appearance.

Depending on your model there are a range of optional extras to enhance the performance and capability of your awning. This includes a roller valance for additional sun protection, pitch control to better control shade, telescopic arms to increase wind resistance, and rain hoods for improved fabric protection when not in use.